Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Lazy Gardner

I know i have said before that I am a lazy gardner...and although I have a large garden I go through spurts of being a superb gardener...mulching, fertlizing ect.. and a lazy gardner.

Last year I planted a bunch of carrots (still no idea why) and yes in my lazy gardening ways never did anything. I never even took them out of the ground.

So i am now in a spurt of being the good gardner and have been cleaning up my garden ect.. and came upon my carrots. Low and behold said carrots are pretty much well entact... I dug up a couple and they look like they weathered the entire winter snuggly and fine in my dirt. Hmmm , so i havent tried eating one yet... they maybe rubbery or nasty... so now I have carrot dilemma again. I have a bunch of carrots still slumbering in my garden... and *i think* i can dig em up and eat um.

So now i have carrot guilt. Because i probably will not do that.. they will probably end up in my composer..or my garbage.. yes i know lazy gardner syndrome.

I need to do a much better job of deciding what I REALLY am going to eat and use and plant only that... because at the end of the season i have noone to help my can ( i can use that excuse cant i?) alot goes to waste... BUT i get so EXCITED at the beginning of the season planning my tomatoes, cukes, zuchinni and such of COURSE i will use it all

This year I will have a resolution to not go i wont have carrot guilt..


Britta said...

I think you can be excused for not eating carrots that have been in the ground for a year...I planted carrots last year and none of them made it. I think bugs got them before they ever had a chance. I am a lazy gardener in the sense that I procrastinate and plant things too late, or I forget to water and they die. I rarely ever get any good crops of anything, though I'm improving.

brookelmt said...

When we were turning the soil a week or so ago, we found a carrot that I'd missed last year. R ate the whole thing even though it was really huge. He carried it around with him for a couple of hours gnawing on it. I had a bite and it was still sweet and crunchy.

Barbara said...

The carrots should be good. How about freezing them. Peel, cut up, blanch, and freeze. Then you can eat them all year.