Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Lazy Gardner

I know i have said before that I am a lazy gardner...and although I have a large garden I go through spurts of being a superb gardener...mulching, fertlizing ect.. and a lazy gardner.

Last year I planted a bunch of carrots (still no idea why) and yes in my lazy gardening ways never did anything. I never even took them out of the ground.

So i am now in a spurt of being the good gardner and have been cleaning up my garden ect.. and came upon my carrots. Low and behold said carrots are pretty much well entact... I dug up a couple and they look like they weathered the entire winter snuggly and fine in my dirt. Hmmm , so i havent tried eating one yet... they maybe rubbery or nasty... so now I have carrot dilemma again. I have a bunch of carrots still slumbering in my garden... and *i think* i can dig em up and eat um.

So now i have carrot guilt. Because i probably will not do that.. they will probably end up in my composer..or my garbage.. yes i know lazy gardner syndrome.

I need to do a much better job of deciding what I REALLY am going to eat and use and plant only that... because at the end of the season i have noone to help my can ( i can use that excuse cant i?) alot goes to waste... BUT i get so EXCITED at the beginning of the season planning my tomatoes, cukes, zuchinni and such of COURSE i will use it all

This year I will have a resolution to not go i wont have carrot guilt..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The art of not eating

Okay so for some crazy reason I got in my head it would be a good thing to do a cleanse. I fiddled around on the internet for a while and decided I wanted to do something called the MasterCleanse.

Im not going to be fancy and hook you to a link but if your interested google it there is billions of stuff about it. In a nutshell you purge your body of toxins by not eating anything thats right nothing. You 'get' to drink a combination of fresh squeezed lemon juice, Grade B maple syrup, cayanne pepper and water. Then every night you do a "saltwater flush" Where you basically within a short amount of time as possible drink 1 liter of water with 1 TBS sea salt in it. Which then causes you to "purge" your body of whatever is in it.

The cleanse is supposed to be for 10 days and up to 40..but I had decided I wanted to do no more than a week. Today is day 5, of not eating anything except my wonderful lemonaide and im not really sure why I decided to do this in the first place. I *may* try at a later time to do the full 10 days but we will see. I have decided that tomorrow is my last day and on day 7 will start eating again.

Day 1, 2 were kinda hard, Day 3 pretty easy day 4 was hard again and today was pretty easy. I think it is the hardest because I have to make food for other people. So its not like I can isolate myself and not see or smell food. I think what I DONT like about this diet is it is a flush.. So after you drink your most delicious salt water you have about 2 hours of stomach pains and in and out of the bathroom. Its not fun. So i keep thinking there has got to be a better way. I am thinking about trying some other detox plans I guess there is one where you just eat raw fruits and veggies....i think i would like that one MUCH better...but im not sure what it does on the "cleansing" or flushing out your system side.. because the trick with this one is you are eating nothing so the hope is everything that comes out of your colon is not from something you ate recently..

Anyway, day 5 is winding down and i think im looking foward to tomrrow being my last day...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

family n friends

So, I have long been an advocate of having good relationships with my family and friends but I have come to appreciate it more this week. I have been "recovering" this week and I have had many calls from my family and friends to check in on me and see how im doing. My most wonderful friend April has called me several times to see if I need anything and even fed my family one night this week.

My husband and many husbands I know, seem to think that they dont need "friends" and that they are fine without them. I think this is a bunch of crap.

I think it has to do with the maintenance of having relationships with people and the fact that to have a friend you have to be a friend and your relationship has to be cultivated. You have to call them to chat and god forbid, share your feelings, and check in on them and just BE there for them. Im not sure why the man gene has problems with any of this... im not saying ALL men because there are some out there that enjoy this but I would say more than 50% have this relationship issue. Maybe its the communication piece...and that men just dont enjoy sharing their feelings..or maybe their friendship is different and I just dont understand it..

But for whatever it is worth...thank you to all my family and my friends..i hope you know I love you dearly!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Whoever is in charge of holidays and deciding what days are holidays needs to fix some issues.. our current Holidays are totally messed up. Dont they realize that we really dont CARE what holiday it is like Presidents day versus MLK day we only care that we get the day off and our kids dont have school. I think these 2 holidays in general are timed terrible.

You have Christmas and New Years that are right bang a week apart then a scant 3 weeks later comes MLK day.. not ready for a holiday yet... then not even 1 month later Presidents day. Then we have this HUGE span of time where is not a Holiday until Memorial day.

I know easter is in there but there is no "recognized" holiday for easter so everyone gets screwed. I think we need to have a "Day off Day' or "Labor Day #2 " in the middle between Presidents day and Memorial day. Who is in charge of this.? Who do i need to email about it.?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So I have a very good friend that turned 40 this year and decided for her 40 she was going to treat herself to some new boobs. Now I have thought off and on that this is something I wanted to do but was rather sceptical. Im sure that you can understand but having 2 kids it has left that part of my body rather deflated... Also then there are all the questions...

What would my family think? Not sure but Im sure in the end they would think I was dumb but they are my family the have to love me regardless of my seeming foolishness.
What would my neighbors/people I work with think? not sure.not sure if I care...
Would I still be able to run ? check..yes i think i would

I have to say after seeing the new boobs I am VERY jealous. They are magnificent. I mean truly perfect... I guess I was not expecting them to be so perfect...but believe they are. I would have to say I am now a believer. They really are not THAT expensive... really and why do people really have hang ups about it... just because porn stars do it...? So do movie stars... Who doesnt want to feel like a movie star.?

Plus you dont have to get Porn star big...I can just get bigger. Life is too short

Monday, December 8, 2008


Okay I really really dont understand how people get everything done. I am not sure if it is just me or if everyone is this way but Im just not sure how some people are so "put together" and sometimes I think im going to lose it...

Example... okay, I work.. pick up my kids at 3:30... get home by around 3:50 try and sign on the computer and work for a few more hours. Meanwhile kid chaos... screaming crying, fighting, some coloring ( usually on my coffetable or walls), then me trying to mitigate and then a movie (guilt, yes movie is my babysitter but whew i can maybe get some work done)..., then dinner, make dinner, I dont want to eat my dinner its yucky...i want icecream..... then clean up dinner, put dishes in diswasher.. while more chaos and screaming. Next, bed... with please get your jammies on (while they put both legs in ONE and jump back and forth down the hall)... then, If you dont get your jammies on you wont get a story.. brush teeth...that includes spitting toothpaste all over the mirror. In bed, story songs, lights out...then at least 3X back in there for water, or something... Then kids are in bed but house is chaos... dinner still only half cleaned up counters a mess... legos and markers everywhere and a cup of crumbs and smashed up stuff on my floor... huh...its 9oclock.... I have countless meetings tomorrow and I dont want to sweep up crumbs again...are you kidding me.?

Sorry..i know that was a rant..but u know how it gets...just breathe..

Monday, November 24, 2008

7 random things.

Okay so my sister Britta and my sister Brooke tagged me to do this sillly 7 random things about me. Seeing that are probably the only ones that read this none of the stuff in here will be too shocking but here we go

1. I am freaking out about turning 40. Yes... this is stupid and shallow...but for some reason i have really been freaking out about turning 40. Its like now im old and i dont want to be old...i want to be young and fun and hot.. and not old and dumpy and gross... Okay so not all old people are dumpy and gross...I am exagerating but these are the things that I am freaking out about

2. I am a people person.... I like hanging out with people and socializing. I would have my neighbors/ friends over 3-4 times a week and probably really never get tired of it. I like hanging out with people.

3. THis is related to number 3 but I like having parties but have serious stress about organizing them. If its just a come over and have drinks and we will order pizza ect... i am fine..but if there is expectation that im a "hostess" not that im a bad one it stresses me out.

4. I like Rock Band... So again this relates to 2 and 3 but if you have never played Rockband2 it is very fun. We have Rockband2 and 4 people can play.. 1 person plays guitar, bass, drums and vocals. They have awesome music in there because you can pick oldies like " White Wedding"....or they have System of a Down and Linkin Park ect... very cool.... very fun... especially when you have friends over..

5.My kids watch waay too much TV. Im not sure what to do about this one. My husband is a "TV is a baby sitter" person and I am forever telling them im turning off the TV and that they need to go outside and play. It usually doesnt work, and i have arguments...and then a conversation with myself that all this arguing is not worth it.

6. I wish i was more intellectual. Okay so Im not dumb but, my brain does not retain any "smart" "intellectual" type facts...both my sisters have those smarty type brains and sometimes have conversations where I am gotta be kidding me... you actually think about this. Stuff like that does not happen in my brain... Im not sure what is in there but its not smarty stuff

7. I am a fashion retard.... I like to look nice... and dress up for work ect... but I cannot put an outfit together by myself to save my life. I hate stores like TJ Max ect.. where stuff is super cheap but you have to look through racks and racks of clothes to find the perfect shirt to go with some other pair of pants... NOT for me... I want to go somewhere and I am going to buy what they have put on the manican... i dont know what looks good with what...really...?